Getting Started with a Wheat and Refined Sugar-Free Lifestyle


When you get started with eliminating wheat and sugar, it can seem a bit daunting at first. Reading the labels in the supermarket can become overwhelming when you realize that wheat and/or sugar is in practically ALL processed foods. It’s crazy!

One of your best bets is to increase the amount of vegetables and fruit in your diet, and “shop the perimeter.” This means that you stick primarily to fresh, single ingredient foods that are found on the perimeter of the supermarket. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy, meats and seafood, etc. Also make liberal use of the spice aisle. 

I also recommend that, unless you have an allergy, you stock up on almond flour (buy it online…it’s MUCH cheaper), coconut oil and eggs. We also keep on hand local raw honey and 100% pure maple syrup for sweetening. I buy all my almond flour and coconut oil through Amazon. It’s free shipping and you save money. The links I include are to the ones I use. I get the eggs and honey from the local farmer’s market whenever possible. (Local honey also helps with seasonal allergies.) I get the best price on our maple syrup at the local BJ’s (like Costco.) Down the line you’ll add other ingredients to your arsenal, but these are good ones to start with. 

You can pretty much use almond flour the way you have used wheat flour in the past. It’s great for breading and baking. And coconut oil is phenomenal for cooking, as long as you don’t have the temperature too high. Don’t try to use it for non-stick purposes, however. I find olive oil works much better for pan greasing.

Oh and one more thing…based on the reading I’ve been doing, fat is not the enemy. So I have no qualms about using real butter, oils, etc. Our bodies need a certain amount of fat daily. Don’t go overboard, of course. Too much of anything is still too much. But research seems to indicate that lowfat is not helping either. You’re better off avoiding sugar instead of fat.

I wanted to give you some links to recipe blogs I use a lot. These have phenomenal recipes that are in line with the way we’re eating today.

  • Elana’s Pantry: She is the one that taught me the wonders of cooking with almond flour, and I’ve never had a recipe I didn’t like from her site. The cinnamon bun muffins are amazing.
    • Elana’s Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook is also my current favorite cookbook. My family thinks the chicken nuggets are the best they’ve ever had, and her bread in the cookbook is amazing…you’d never know it’s grain free.
  • paleOMG: Yummy recipes that fit within the Paleo plan (which means they’re grain and refined sugar free).
  • Gluten Free Goddess: Since it’s wheat we’re avoiding, gluten free is a good label to look for. There are a lot of great recipes on this site.

Do you eat wheat and refined sugar free? What blogs do you like? Would love to have you add to the list in the comments below.


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